This Privacy Statement contains information about what information we collect from the users of our website and how we use them.

RE/MAX UTLAND aims to treat all personal information with respect and caution. Based on functionality and user experience, we collect information from you who visit our website. This information we use to improve our web pages and to look at usage patterns. To do this, we use cookies, also known as cookies, which you can read more about below.

RE/MAX UTLAND uses cookies. By using our website, you agree that we may put these in your browser.

Cookies are a small text file that is downloaded and stored on your computer when you use our web pages. It is used, for example, to understand how to use our web pages. In the long run, we will use this information to offer you a better experience the next time you visit us.

Most browsers, like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc., are set to accept cookies automatically. If you do not want to accept cookies, you must choose to change the settings in your browser. Note that this setting may cause our websites do not work optimally.

Google Analytics
Purpose: Gather information about how visitors use the website. We use this information to create reports that are further used to improve the website. The cookies anonymize all information. That is, the information only says something about the number of visitors to the website, where they come from and what pages they visit.

Purpose: Gather information about visitors to customize marketing on Facebook.
Cookies: act, c_user, data, fr, pl, presence, sb, wd, xs.
Read more about these at Facebook.

Purpose: Gather information about visitors using our chat feature. We use this information to measure response time, measure the number of users using the chat feature and to identify which country the user who initiates a chat conversation is in.

Purpose: Used to distinguish between regular users and logged-in users.

By signing up for our newsletter, you agree that we save your name and your email address. This will be used to send relevant information about new housing and trends in the housing market. We do not use third-party solutions and we will not share your information with other parties. You can off for the newsletter at any time by clicking on a link contained in the newsletter. When you sign up for the newsletter, we will save information that documents that you have signed up. 1 year after you sign up for our newsletter, your information will be deleted from our system.

Contact form
When you fill out our contact form, we save this information in our database and our Pipedrive customer management system.
This information will be stored as long as it will be relevant for us to take care of it, to provide better customer service. We strive not to take care of your details longer than necessary. You may at any time request and have your information changed or deleted by contacting us. This information is only handled internally by RE/MAX UTLAND, and is not shared further.
You can read more about Pipedrive

Website Statistics
In order to optimize and further develop our website, we will collect the necessary information about your visit to This includes information about which browser you are using, as well as operating system, screen size, device, and duration of the visit. This information is stored with third parties like Google Analytics and will be stored there for the period specified by these services. The information is only used for internal review in connection with website optimization and is not shared with third parties.

Any visits to our websites will also be logged on our servers and will contain information about IP addresses, browsers, operating systems, usage, navigation, etc. This information will be used for troubleshooting and rectification of any deviations and will not be shared with any third parties. Log files are stored for a maximum of 3 months.

E-mail communication
All emails sent to us will be stored at Google and Pipedrive, which we use as a customer processing system. These logs as part of your customer relationship with us, and will be stored in a timely manner after the case is marked as resolved. We use this system to handle all incoming inquiries, as well as logging of measures and communication between the parties. This information is only handled internally by RE7MAX UTLAND, and is not shared further. Google and Pipedrive have strict rules to handle your data. Read more about Google Cloud Platform services and Pipedrive.

Personal Information
In connection with your customer relationship, we are required to collect information such as name, address and other necessary information. This information is used only to process your customer relationship, for example, responding to requests, making orders, necessary information related to housing bids or information required by authorities to conduct a home purchase/home sales.

We take care of the information you provide us as long as our customer relationship exists. You have the right to access, correct and delete data we have stored about you. Upon completion of customer relationships, we will also keep data as long as we consider it appropriate, or as long as this is required by public authorities. We also do this to help you with any history if you need it.

Data Processing
RE/MAX UTLAND uses Google Cloud Platform services and Pipedrive EU as a data processor and we store all personal information to customers in the Pipedrive customer management system. We use Google and Pipedrive to organize and improve our contact with customers.

Google Inc. is located in the United States and operates with the EU / EEA Privacy Policy GDPR. Pipedrive EU is located in Estonia and operates with EU / EEA's privacy policy GDPR.