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As the world's largest real estate chain with 45 years of experience, RE/MAX have 1800 offices in Europe with 8 offices on Gran Canaria. In Patalavaca we're spezialised in foreign customers and we offer a unique and personal service in your language. We promise to work hard to give you a stress-free, safe and positive property purchase. Read our customer reviews here

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Our quality - your guarantee

We will take care of you throughout the process and provide a safe, simple and straightforward real estate purchase, 10 languages are spoken, including most European languages. Get in touch with REMAX UTLAND, you'll get answers to all your questions so contact us anytime for a non-binding chat.

New - live private viewings

You can book a private viewing of any of our homes. If you are not on the island you can easily book a live private viewing.
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Our team have extensive experience and a unique network. We offer a range of commercial premises, businesses, hotels and building projects. Read more about our products and services for investors

The purchase process, step-by-step

How much will you buy for?

It's important to have a budget before you start looking for your dream home. If you are going to borrow money in your home country, it's important to know that most banks do not take mortgages on properties abroad.

But you can take out a mortgage in your home country and buy a holiday home for the money. So, talk to your bank so you know what you have to do deal with. Talk to your Real Estate Agent about foreign and Spanish financing opportunities and what works for you.

Find your dream home

Once you know what you have, it's time to set up a prioritized list of what's most important to you when buying a home. Is it the view, newly refurbished, good sun conditions - or maybe a short distance to the beach?

If you are unaware of Canarian property purchasing, it may often be a confusing journey with many Real Estate Agents, more languages, terms, rules and phrases that you may not fully understand.

We help you search for the dream house among all homes in the market and you will have one English-speaking REMAX Real Estate Agent for all your viewings. The service is without additional costs and completely non-binding!

The important viewings

Before a viewing it is important to prepare yourself carefully so that you do not waste your time. Please read the prospect carefully and contact the agent in advance if you are wondering about anything. Take your time on the viewing and get answers to all the questions you may have from the agent and seller. You should be aware that the preparation of homes for a viewing is not so common in the Canaries.

The bidding round

It's now that it counts, making it important to be well prepared and available. Have the financing in order and bid for one property at a time, even if bids are non-binding. Please inquire about bidding strategy.

The Real Estate Agent will keep you continuously oriented all the way. Bids are best submitted via your own bid button on the website utland.remax.es, e-mail to utland@remax.es or sms to the agent.

Contract meeting and takeover of the property

Following a bidding agreement, the agent submits a draft of the reservation agreement to both parties. At the agreed time, the parties meet to sign the contract - and go through the details of takeover and settlement. The buyer transfers the agreed reservation amount to a secured client account - now the property is reserved.

If you choose the Homebuyers package, you will get help with everything practical and legal from specialized English-speaking staff, and you can complete the purchace from anywhere in the world.

Settlement and closing

Congratulations on your home purchase!  we provide formal information about billing and settlement. The buyer, seller and agent meet for a contract meeting at a Notary Public (Solicitor). In advance, the buyer must pay the outstanding balance, taxes and costs.

The deed is presented to the new owner, all financial statements are paid and the money is paid to the seller. Congratulations on a successful and stress-free property purchase through RE/MAX UTLAND!