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RE/MAX is the world's leading real estate agents with over 7,000 Franchises and with 115.000 agents in over 100 countries. In 2017 RE/MAX opened the 11th office in Gran Canaria. Here in Gran Canaria in RE/MAX UTLAND, we specialize in overseas homebuyers with personal service and security.

No formal education is required, as we provide a full training

Since we opened the doors in Patalavaca in November 2017, we have quickly grown to 15 agents who master 11 different languages. Now it's your chance to join our strong team and start creating your career with us in the world's largest real estate chain. We guarantee that our superior training and tools will take you to new heights!

Do you recognize yourself in this?

Are you tired of working where your voice is not being heard? Want a larger proportion of the values that you and others create? Would you like to be a key person in your business instead of one of too many? Want more freedom in everyday life? 

We are different and so are you

We are not like others and reward our agents with the industry's highest commission. Now you have the opportunity to work in a winning and healthy environment in the world's best climate.

10 Reasons To Work In RE/MAX

Amazing things happen when you join a winning team

At RE/MAX, we want our estate agents to have the edge over the competition and be successful in establishing themselves as the best in the industry. To help our agents on their path to achieving their hopes, dreams, and desires, we put in place the latest training programmes and cutting-edge support structures to make the road a little easier.

The more you learn, the more you can earn

RE/MAX Agents have access to a comprehensive technology platform designed to help agents keep track of their client network and listings. We also provide a resource center with all training and brand-compliant marketing material for agents to use at will and a training hub called RE/MAX University, available on demand 24/7. 

Inquiries are kept confidential

Contact us today for a chat about your options and your future, or directly send us your application! Start your career today-along with RE/MAX!

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