How offers and reservations works



With us, you can both observe and participate in active purchase offers. We recommend sending your offer through the "offer button" you will find in the advert or by email to Considering offers are non-binding, you will normally not be invited to participate. We follow the local “first come first serve” principle - so please keep in touch with your agent to be updated about offers. Please do not place offers on several properties at the same time, as this can seem unserious.


Between the acceptance of an offer and the binding purchase agreement, it can be practical to engage in a pre-reservation with the real estate agency. In this case, the agency will be able to take the property off the market so that no one can bid over you, this ensures you the property until the purchase agreement is signed by both parties.


When our real estate agency has all the necessary information about the purchase, you will receive a legal (ARRAS) purchase agreement between you and the seller. Our agreements are transparent, tried in court and presented in English and Spanish so that you understand everything. When the parties have signed and you have paid your prepayment (normally 10%) the purchase and sale are binding for both parties.

Client funds

RE/MAX UTLAND utilizes a secured client account directly at the Notarius Publicus office. This is where the sale and purchase will be controlled, liens deleted and where the deed will transfer ownership. Our legal department and strict routines guarantee that no one has access to your funds until the transfer takes place when the seller receives his settlement.


If you don't meet your terms in accordance with the contract, you will lose your prepayment. If the seller does not meet his terms, he will have to pay compensation. In the case that you need more time to complete the purchase, you'll have to let the agent know with enough anticipation. In that case, the agency will try to help you, without any financial consequences.

Do you have any questions about the purchase process?